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Understanding Your Crying Baby
Nov 2005
Carroll & Brown
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Birth Crisis
June 2006
Routledge, 14.99

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The Politics of Birth

The Politics of Birth
Books for Midwives (an inprint of Elsevier)  2005

Elizabeth Hormann, Book Review: The Politics of Birth, J Hum Lact, Feb 2006; 22: 118 - 119.
The Politics of Birth Sheila Kitzinger, Elsevier, 2005
235 pages, illustrations, references, resources, index, (UK)22.99, (US)$41.95, softcover
Orders: Elsevier Limited, Linacre 63146 USA Tel: (800) 426-4545 or (314) 872-8370; fax: (314) 432- 1380
Sheila Kitzinger has challenged the medical model of caring for women and their babies during birth and....

The New Experience of ChildbirthThe New Experience of Childbirth
Orion  2004

The New Pregnancy& ChildbrthThe New Pregnancy & Childbirth
Choices & Challenges
Dorling Kindersley   2003

Birth Your Way

Birth Your Way
Choosing birth at home or in a birth centre
Dorling Kindersley 2002

Rediscovering Birth
Little Brown 2000

Becoming a Grandmother
Simon & Schuster 1997

Birth over Thirty-Five
Sheldon Press 1994

Being Born (for children)
Dorling Kindersley
Out Of Print -
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Breastfeeding Your Baby
Dorling Kindersley 1989

A Celebration of Birth

The Experience of Childbirth
Penguin 5th ed 1984

The Midwife Challenge (ed)
Pandora 2nd ed 1991

Ourselves as Mothers
Bantam 1992
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The Crying Baby
Penguin Books 1990
ISBN: 0140094105
Out of print see instead Understanding Your Crying Baby, Nov 2005, Carroll & Brown

Pregnancy Day-by-Day with Vicky Bailey
Dorling Kindersley 2nd ed 1998

Talking with Children about Things that Matter
with Celia Kitzinger
Pandora 2nd ed 1999
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Woman's Experience of Sex
Penguin 1983

The Year after Childbirth
Oxford University Press 1994


   Other people's books with chapters by Sheila

Sheila Kitzinger interviewed by Sue MacGregor 11 March 1981
page 220
in Woman's Hour Celebrating Sixty Years of Women's Lives
WomanHour.jpg (17644 bytes) John Murray
(Hodder Headline)
Chapter 13 in
Breastfeeding Biocultural Perspectives
Patricia Stuart-Macadam
& Katherine A. Dettwyler
Aldine de Gruyter
New York
Childbirth and Authoritative knowledgeAuthoritative Touch in Childbirth:
A Cross-Cultural Approach
Chapter 8 in
Childbirth & Authoritative Knowledge Cross-Cultural Perspectives
Robbie E. Davis-Floyd
& Carolyn F. Sargent
University of California Press;
ISBN: 0520207858 July 1997
Childbirth and Society
Chapter 6 in
Effective Care in Pregnancy & Childbirth Volume 1
Edited Iain Chalmers
Murray Enkin &
Marc J. N. C. Keirse
Oxford University Press
The Social Context of Birth: Some Comparisons between Childbirth in Jamaica and Britain
Chapter 7 in Ethnography of Fertility & Birth
Carol P. MacCormack
Waveland Press
Birth and violence against women:
generating hypotheses from women's accounts of unhappiness after childbirth
Chapter 4 in
Women's Health Matters.
Helen Roberts

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Developing Midwifery Skills: Looking Forward To A Home Birth