Rediscovering Birth
by Sheila Kitzinger

Published in the UK by Little Brown ISBN 0316853933
Published in the USA by Simon & Schuster ISBN 0743412737

256 page hardback

Lavishly illustrated, Rediscovering Birth is packed with information not only for prospective parents but for anyone interested in birth and women's lives and well being. Sheila explores the universal experience of pregnancy and birth. She looks closely at the place of birth, how women move in childbirth and what is done to help them. She examines the role of the midwife, and the bond traditionally formed between mothers and midwives.

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" This is an extraordinary book, a must-buy for all women who are planning children. The voice of the author is an authoritative one but it in no way dictates any specific method of delivery .... It helps you make up your own mind about what you want by taking you on a journey around the world and through time to see how women have helped other women to give birth."
Irish Tatler Yearbook 2001
"Illustrated with many fascinating photographs and drawings of the rituals of birth around the world, and filled with interesting information, this book caused me to stop and think about the effect of my own culture on my expectations of birth"
New Generation - The magazine of the NCT
"The political aspects of childbirth and pregnancy are integral to Rediscovering Birth. Its central debate is not simply of interest to anyone who wants a baby, or who has produced one at some point. These are arguments about medical control and patriarchal power that go beyond benign concern about whether maternity wards have attractive furnishings."
The Scotsman

This book is now out-of-print and unlikely to be reprinted, but there are still some copies being sold.

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